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Port Integrative Therapy provides a range of training options to suit the needs of organisations and individuals. Training is based on in depth understandings of stress, the neuroscience of trauma, relationships, communication styles and resilience. Attendees will gain specific skills and knowledge that can be utilised immediately in their workplace with other staff, clients as well as in their personal lives. We teach skills to better understand stress, trauma and resilience at a holistic level so that attendees can enjoy a sustainable career in their chosen profession and avoid unnecessary burnout. 

Mental health affects us all

Did you know trauma is the second leading cause of mental health conditions in Australia.

Employee Mental Health Training Australia

57-75% of Australians will experience a traumatic event at some point in their lives

Frontline worker Trauma training australia

The majority of Australians feel that stress impacts their physical health (72%) and mental health (64%) but very few reported seeking professional help.

Trauma Informed Training

90% of mental health clients have been exposed to multiple experiences of trauma

We give you the confidence and tools to reduce stress and improve your life.


Training topics

Each training package offers a range of clinical examples, practical information, skills and evidence based practice to support your knowledge and increase your confidence to manage stress and trauma at work, home and in the community. Examples of content can include – 

  • Resilience from the Inside-Out
  • Communication, Relationships & Boundaries
  • Understanding the stress response 
  • Physiology, neuroscience and behaviour from a trauma perspective
  • What is trauma informed care and how we can put it into practice
  • How to respond to people in crisis, with complex childhood trauma and PTSD
  • The nervous system regulation through a Polyvagal lens
  • Understanding and managing vicarious trauma from an individual and organisational perspective
  • Post traumatic growth and how we can know when someone has integrated trauma
  • Demonstration of trauma skills for specific situations
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We define trauma and trauma informed care to understand what trauma looks like in the workplace and it’s long term impacts.

We provide information on the stress response so that you can see the changes trauma makes to the brain, body & behaviour.

We share best practice on how to respond to trauma particularly for people presenting with complex PTSD.

We know that healing is possible but we also need to manage our exposure to trauma through understanding vicarious trauma and post traumatic growth.

Training Options

We offer tailored training and group training workshops. If your organisation would like to customise training for your team please contact us for a quote. Our training is suitable for support workers, aged care workers, community organisations, teachers, educators, frontline workers, first responders, allied health, parents/carers, new grads and anyone working with people experiencing stress & trauma.

In addition, workplaces seeking training for their staff on how to better manage stress, relationships, communication & build resilience are encouraged to reach out and we will create a program that’s right for your team. 


Tailored Training for organisations

Tailored training is for organisations, educators, police, frontline workers and mental health professionals. We can customise the training to your workplace. Our holistic training is for team members who would like to learn more about trauma informed care and best practice to assist them in their daily work.


Group Training for individuals

Regular workshops for people from all walks of life and industries who would benefit from holistic trauma informed care responses. Training can be booked online and upcoming courses will be shared in advance.


Group workshops for people awaiting psychotherapy


Health professionals can refer clients to our group workshops. If you have a client on a wait-list for counselling or therapy our client-centred group workshops can assist them to begin the process of healing whilst they wait for regular therapy. The focus of the group is on phase one of treatment, safety & stabilisation.

Topics Covered:

  • Psychoeducation on stress response
  • Understanding neuroscience of trauma
  • Techniques to create nervous system safety & regulation
  • Bottom-up & top-down approaches
  • Understanding importance of rhythm & routine

Suitable for adults 18+



First Responder Training

We have tailored a specific package to attempt to meet some of the needs of the local first responders on the Mid North Coast.

The package is a half day program with the aim of educating and resourcing first responders to better understand and manage stress as well as understand trauma and how to adaptively respond and process traumatic content post exposure. The overall aim is the reduce the impact of cumulative trauma as well as the impact of acute and chronic stress on this workforce. As a result, the goal is to improve first responders quality of life both personally and professionally. The training aims to give first responders the tools to have a sustainable career, strong relationships and good quality physical and mental health.

The content provided in the training provides empowerment to manage and understand our own system, what the mechanisms are within our self-system as well as what we can do externally to sustain our health.

In addition, staff who attend will be able to provide trauma informed peer support over the course of their careers to colleagues and partners in the service.

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Defining Trauma

Psychological trauma is the unique individual experience of an event, a series of events or a set of enduring conditions which the individual’s ability to integrate their emotional experience is overwhelmed.

Since events and experiences can be subjective, a broad trauma definition is applied, because everyone processes a traumatic event differently because we all face them through the lens of experiences in our lives.

(Saakvitne, K. et al, 2000)

Meet your trainer

Trauma Informed Workforce 

Krsytal Hawkins

Krystal Hawkins

Accredited Clinical Social Worker
Accredited EMDR Consultant & Therapist

Krystal will guide you through the research in understanding stress, trauma, the nervous system, neuroscience, presentation, responses and regulation techniques. Krystal is dedicated to providing care in her clinical practice that utilises trauma informed skills and modalities that effectively integrates trauma.

Ready to get started?

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