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Intensive EMDR Therapy for First Responders & Frontline Workers

Discover specialised Intensive EMDR therapy that understands the unique impacts and demands of your role in our communities.

Intensive EMDR Packages

 Intensive EMDR offers accelerated healing. Intensives work well for people who do not wish to be in long term therapy, or who have ongoing exposures to traumatic events. EMDR intensives provide flexible options so you can quickly recover after acute stress and traumatic events. 




Standard EMDR – Overall  at least 3+ hours depending on goals, needs & assessment

Intensives Option 1 – Recent traumatic events (1-3 hours). This can be an ideal option for people who have experienced a recent traumatic event or a single incident. This option will also suit first responders and frontline workers who have ongoing exposures to traumatic events and want to reduce the risk of the compounding impacts of continued exposure.
Recent traumatic events options could take as little as 90 minutes and offer good maintenance options for first responders. 

Intensives Option 2– 3 hours/day for 3 consecutive days

Intensives Option 3 –  6 hours – 3 hours/day for 3 consecutive days for two consecutive weeks

Package costs and hours required can be adjusted based on your specific needs and treatment goals after initial assessment. 

Fifty percent deposit required one week prior to Intensive EMDR. Remaining fee to be paid on the days of processing. 
Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations within 48 hours of sessions. 

Work Cover, Private Health Insurance (some), Victims of Crime and Medicare rebates available. 



Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive Support Tailored for First Responders & Frontline Workers

At Port Integrative Therapy, we recognise the unique challenges faced by first responders annd frontline staff. Our intensive EMDR therapy sessions are designed to provide accelerated healing.

Intensive EMDR –

  • Can be delivered for several hours over several consecutive days
  • Is a convenient alternative for people who want accelerated healing over a short amount of time.

After an initial assessment, a collaborative treatment plan will be developed to meet your specific intensive EMDR needs. 

Our flexible delivery options, include face-to-face sessions, where you can come and stay and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Port Macquarie or through secure online platforms.

Port Integrative Therapy has extensive experience working with police, emergency service providers and frontline workers, we offer genuine caring support in your journey towards healing and recovery.


Explore Our Intensive EMDR Therapy Options

In-Person Therapy in Port Macquarie

Experience the calming, natural surroundings of Port Macquarie with our face-to-face EMDR sessions, tailored specifically for first responders.


Online EMDR Therapy

Convenient and flexible, our online therapy sessions bring professional EMDR treatment to your home, maintaining high standards of care and confidentiality.

Combined Therapy Options

Combine the benefits of both in-person and online sessions to suit your schedule and needs.

Ready to Begin Your Healing Journey?

Take the first step towards recovery with Port Integrative Therapy. Reach out to discuss how our Intensive EMDR therapy can be tailored for you.